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Our Philosophy


We believe in doing right and doing it smart.


Ascher & Denton, PLLC was created with some very clear goals in mind. We feel it is vitally important to assist our clients through controversies involving the legal system at the least cost to the client, financially and emotionally. Treating each other and others with respect is paramount. Compassion is important, as is clear thinking and honesty. We believe that inflicting unneeded costs (or pain) on others is a big mistake.

It is a worthy long term investment to do things right from the beginning and not to fall into the trap of simplistic knee-jerk responses to folks who do/say things because they are upset.

A law of physics also applies to lawsuits: every action brings an equal and opposite reaction. We believe it is smart to be professionally courteous to opposing counsel and to opposing parties. We work hard to maintain our excellent reputation in the legal community.

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Much of the time, the court does not make the decision for our client,


because we work out a reasonable solution in an agreement with the other side. When you have anyone else, even a knowledgeable judicial officer, make your decisions for you, everyone risks being unhappy with the result. When it is possible to reach a result that is satisfactory to our client, we avoid wasting time and money on unnecessary court hearings or unneeded formal discovery.

We work as a team with our clients.

We focus on helping people. When you do what is right the best you can, you do not need to spend client money on protecting the lawyer instead of serving the client. Although we are not completely perfect at all times, we certainly strive towards that goal. We believe we should be worthy of the trust of opposing parties and their attorneys, as well as the trust of our clients. This helps us to achieve good results for our clients.


We believe that being trustworthy helps us best fulfill our role as officers of the courts and agents of the judicial system.

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