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One strong trunk can support the flourishing cooperation of two different kinds of flowers toward healthy co-existence in the future.

We offer One Lawyer services for people who want to be civilized and get legal matters over with efficiently and privately.


One Lawyer


One Lawyer is an intelligent and cost-effective way to resolve a disagreement with a guarantee of no court battles. Both sides get help from one lawyer to learn all of the legal advice either side would have received if they had come in to meet separately with the lawyer. This does not create a conflict of interest because both sides agree to the process in the first place and the attorney is neutral, giving all legal advice and information to both sides at all times.

The lawyer makes sure filing deadlines are known and rights are preserved.

Any lawyer who provides One Lawyer services should have ten or more years of subject area practice experience and excellent credentials. The highest standards of legal practice must be used and the lawyer has an ethical duty not to allow parties to abuse an imbalance of power or to reach illegal or unethical agreements. Second opinions from other attorneys and help from financial or other consultants can also be useful, when wanted or needed.

One Lawyer can be used for many different areas of law and is particularly appropriate when people or companies don't want to make their issues a matter of public record more than necessary, such as in a business contract dispute, family law matter, or a neighborhood issue where privacy and ongoing relationships really should be preserved.

Some folks choose to represent themselves in court to save lawyer battle fees and/or the ugliness of hiring lawyers to fight each other. Often, they would be much better served with One Lawyer. The cost savings of sharing the expense of legal services and avoiding the pain and drain of court battles make this one of the least expensive ways to use an attorney. One Lawyer services are usually available for a set fee instead of pay by the hour.

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