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Since 1990, Ascher & Denton has been providing top quality legal services to families in Thurston County. We focus on helping people through the legal process at the least cost, emotionally and financially.

This focus is not about being cheap, it is about providing the best value and doing things right with long term consequences in mind. Litigation is exhausting and expensive and we avoid wasted time and avoid hurting anyone's feelings as much as possible. It is just the right way to do family law.

We are excited to introduce One Lawyer services, where one lawyer works with both parties for effective, and cost efficient ways to resolve issues. We look forward to helping you. Please give us a call - 360-357-8669

We Only Do Family Law

We truly listen, and a clear focus helps us to better serve you.

Many attorneys run screaming rather than practicing in this area of law ... because it takes a special kind of personality (not common among those who become lawyers) to really listen to people who are going through distressing life events.


Not only is it vital for us to understand and help you through emotional times, but we have to keep a professional distance from family related problems so we can be a smart outsider who tells you the truth, not just what you want to hear. This kind of helping people is very satisfying work for us.

Our Philosophy

Clean and Simple - We Take The High Road

Ascher & Denton, PLLC was created with some very clear goals in mind. We feel it is vitally important to assist our clients through controversies involving the legal system at the least cost to the client, financially and emotionally.


Treating each other and others with respect is paramount. Compassion is important, as is clear thinking and honesty. We believe that inflicting unneeded costs (or pain) on others is a big mistake.

We Make Divorce As Painless As Possible

Divorce, or any family law legal case involves a lot of stress, anxiety and uncertainty.

At Ascher & Denton, we help you see clearly and understand what the options are and what is going on. We work hard to help ease the emotional and financial strain of divorce so you can concentrate on the health and current/future well-being of your family.

With more than 28 years of experience...

One Lawyer: Smart & Affordable Strategy 

People can be civil and honest while going through divorce.

One Lawyer is an intelligent and cost effective way to resolve a disagreement with a guarantee of no court battles. Both sides get help from one lawyer to learn all of the legal advice either side would have received if they had come in to meet separately with the lawyer.


This does not create a conflict of interest because both sides agree to the process in the first place and the attorney is neutral, giving all legal advice and information to both sides at all times.

Child Custody & Parenting Plans

Have us help you do it right, for the kids' sake.

Nothing is more important to parents. We help you make wise decisions. Child custody and parenting plans are the most important issues a parent faces during divorce.

Compassionate law since 1990, creative solutions and...


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Ascher & Denton, PLLC

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Directions To Our Office

We are right off of the Crosby Blvd exit from Highway 101 before you get to the car dealerships. Turn onto Evergreen Park Drive and then turn right at the AM/PM gas station. We are in the third cul de sac on your left side. (Hwy 101 is zooming by on your right.) On the left side at the end of the cul de sac, our office is the first building, first office and the outside door is around at the front of the building. We are on your left when you come inside with “Attorneys at Law” on the door.

You can also get here from downtown Olympia, up courthouse hill on the west side of the lake or come from West Olympia on Cooper Point Drive past the auto mall.   |   360-357-8669   |   Olympia, Washington